Celebrating 15 Years of Student Films!

The Howard County Film Festival is a student-run organization that is lead by the teacher advisors Danielle DuPuis (Hammond High School), Binki McKenna (Reservoir High School) and Jill Lee (Long Reach High School).

Created in 2004, the Howard County Film Fest is an annual film festival dedicated to encouraging the development of filmmakers in Howard County, Maryland. Film entries are open to any high school student in Howard County, please see the submissions page for more information. Even if you have never made a film before, we encourage ANY student to make a submission.

We collaborate with volunteers from many walks of life all over the community, which contribute to film judging, advertising, donating, and even running the festival itself. The film festival is now even tax deductible! If you are interested in getting involved, in whatever way you can, please feel free to browse this website, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Film Festival originated as an idea for a GT project by Yuri Stone and Rebecca Zia of River Hill High School. It is a county-wide event, and numerous students have found it to be an excellent means of demonstrating their skills in the art of film and direction.

We have received many absolutely brilliant films in the past from extremely talented participants who exhibit skills that in many cases parallel those of professional filmmakers. We are very proud of the talented individuals who come out each year to showcase their accomplishments. It is an excellent experience for any student looking to pursue a career in filmmaking, directing, television – any and all of the media arts.

In anticipation of the astonishing talent exhibited by this county’s filmmakers and artists, we are deep in preparation for the up and coming 2019 HoCo Student Film Festival on Friday, April 26, 2019 (7 P.M.) at the Charles E. Miller Library in Ellicott City. Help us make it a success! Come to the meetings and submit a film of your own!

NEW for 2019! Middle School Category


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